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We just received our filastruder and are in the process of assembling and testing this filament extruder. The filastruder takes raw ABS, PLA, HDPE, and various other polymer raw materials, and extrudes them into a nice 1.75mm or 3.0mm filament for 3D printers. We hope to include this device, or another open-source variant, in our rapid-prototyping and manufacturing kit. The kit will include a filament extruder, 3D printer, and 3D scanner. Options will include the tools necessary to use recycled raw materials for filament, a compact CNC mill for PCB milling, and an inkjet printer capable of printing circuits onto nearly any substrate using silver nanoparticle ink .

Check out our filastuder build:


It looks like restoring retro TV’s is going to be dijit’s ‘thing’ for fun projects. In building Hack Local and the electronics re-use programs, we have been spending a lot of time at Construction Junction, a local building material re-use center. CJ also has an e-recycling center where they accept all kinds of used/broken/unwanted electronics in various states of disrepair. This place is nothing short of a gold mine for used, retro, unique, and just plain cool stuff. The double bonus is that every item used from Construction Junction is one less item taking up space in a landfill. There are often retro electronics and machines that show up in the aisles of CJ, and this vintage 1950’s era television was one of those jems. The staff suggested turning it into a cool fish tank project, but I would prefer to see this TV restored to its former glory. Stay tuned for the rebuild process!