All posts for the month June, 2013

We are currently working hard on several very exciting product lines. We hope to have these products to market in the coming months. We are utilizing open-source hardware and software to reduce costs and ultimately allow our customers to easily implement this technology without ‘breaking the bank’. After all, our mission here at dijit is to enable businesses and consumers to better utilize technology for everyday problems. Our products are scalable, modular, rely heavily on the open-source market, and many will be offered in kit form; allowing for ‘tech savvy’ customers to employ some DIY skills to save even more on the bottom line. Stay tuned for process updates.

I realized that this brand spanking new website has little info on what we actually do, aside from cryptic blurbs filled with buzzwords. This will likely be the case until we finish posting to our products and services pages. In the mean time, allow me to shed some light on our company:
dijit specializes in embedded technology solutions for home and commercial automation. Our goal is to assist our customers in using technology to solve problems. We do not simply throw money and technology at a problem and then walk away. We work with our customers hand-in-hand to determine the scope of the problem or need, and then spend time researching and developing an effective solution. Examples of solutions include RFID/NFC systems for customer interaction, web accessible micro controllers for performing automated processes, unique web-based customer experience solutions, and innovative home control and information systems.