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It looks like restoring retro TV’s is going to be dijit’s ‘thing’ for fun projects. In building Hack Local and the electronics re-use programs, we have been spending a lot of time at Construction Junction, a local building material re-use center. CJ also has an e-recycling center where they accept all kinds of used/broken/unwanted electronics in various states of disrepair. This place is nothing short of a gold mine for used, retro, unique, and just plain cool stuff. The double bonus is that every item used from Construction Junction is one less item taking up space in a landfill. There are often retro electronics and machines that show up in the aisles of CJ, and this vintage 1950’s era television was one of those jems. The staff suggested turning it into a cool fish tank project, but I would prefer to see this TV restored to its former glory. Stay tuned for the rebuild process!

We’ve reached the required 250 votes to be considered for a Chase Mission Main Street Grant! Thank you to everyone who voted, shared our posts, bugged friends to vote, invited entire friend lists, and otherwise helped us to get the word out!
The next step? Waiting! Voting Closes on November 15th and the recipients will be selected and notified in January 2014. In the mean time, we will not be sitting around. We are planning the many steps that will bring Hack Local to life. We have started reaching out to various organizations and companies to build partnerships that will promote the Hack Local philosophy and enable us to build this movement. We are also putting together a crowd funding campaign to ensure we can raise funds to make all of this a reality. Please like our Facebook page, follow us on Twitter, and spread the word about Hack Local. With your help we will build a hackerspace and a social movement!