All posts for the month January, 2014

dijit is a small company with big ideas, and we are dedicated to developing these ideas into amazing products. In order to make these products a reality, we are pursuing every possible avenue to help get these ideas off the ground. We received enough votes to be considered for a Chase Mission Main Street Grant, and we are eagerly awaiting news of the 12 grant recipients for that program. Recipients will be announced in January. We also entered our hackerspace initiative, Hack Local, into a start-up competition and the results of that program will also be announced by the end of January. We are also working on a project that could potentially qualify for STEM grants. In the coming weeks we will be launching a Kickstarter campaign for a new product, “The Ripper” (working name), a DVD and Blu Ray ripper that will allow anyone to digitize their movie library and stream for home use. We are trying an old business method known as “throw everything at the wall and see what sticks”. Once we get one of our many products and projects off the ground we will have the resources to bring the others to market. January will be a big month for dijit and we appreciate all the support we have received thus far. Please stay tuned, spread the word, and get excited for the awesomeness 2014 will bring!