All posts for the month April, 2017

We have been busy with research and development for several new products, which should be available for pre-order soon. Our focus is on:

  1. Developing new IoT products for smart homes and automation
  2. Creating custom kits to modify existing devices for plug-and-play integration with smart home technologies.

Below is a sample of two of these products, which will be available on the store soon, so check back soon!

Above: Prototype of an add-on board to turn a $60 off-the-shelf electronic lock into a wifi enabled smart lock. Our board uses a NodeMCU and a custom circuit to interface with the lock’s existing control board.

Above: Another prototype board to control our custom device on the left. This product is an IoT water control and data acquisition unit. Our design is a totally enclosed system which monitors and reports: water flow rate, total water usage, and water temperature. The product includes a motorized ball valve which can be controlled remotely and automated to close upon the detection of a leak or with other defined rules. Our design also includes a novel component: the entire unit is self-powered using a micro hydro generator, backup battery, and charging circuit. This product has been designed from the start for use with openHAB software.

We are designing several custom products to turn ordinary devices and appliances into “Smart” devices with plug-and-play add-on boards. These products are easy to install, plug into existing control boards on your appliances, and can be easily removed for any reason. Using a software platform such as OpenHAB, our hardware devices will allow you to gather data from all of the appliances and devices in your home. You can then create rules, build reports, etc. The sky is the limit. Stay tuned to the blog and check the dijit store often for new product releases.