9 comments on “Vintage Motorola TV rebuild

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  5. It’s entirely possible that the 60’s era components need to be replaced. Nice endeavor, restoring something from the 40’s has got to be a pain in the ass.

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  7. You are right on. That is what is keeping me from producing a good picture on the CRT right now. Some of the resistor values have drifted with age, and the mica capacitors in the sync, horizontal oscillator, and vertical oscillator circuits are likely culprits for the issues I am still troubleshooting. Thanks for the comment!

  8. All of the wax/paper and electrolytic capacitors will probably still need replacement as they tend to fail over time, especially after 50 years or so.

  9. Mica caps are generally VERY reliable, even into this day. It’s the wax paper ones you need to check and change, as well as any “Bumblebee” caps. (These will look like giant resistors, as their values are marked with colored bands).

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