I couldn’t resist the title, with this coming Wednesday being the official “Back to the Future” leap forward date: 10-21-2015!

We are back after an extended hiatus and reviving several projects that have renewed interest and promise. Chief among these is our wearable IoT data acquisition platform. This system will combine several new and exciting wearable technologies, all working together in one unified platform, to collect and transmit data in real time from the wearer to server and client-side applications.

Here you can see the FreeIMU-based IMUduino board, which is being utilized in the prototyping stages. As you can see, the IMUduino has a very small footprint but it also offers 10 degrees of Freedom (10DoF), Bluetooth LE (4.0), and an Atmel Mega32U4. A great IoT prototyping platform.

Take a look at the video for a quick example of real time orientation rendering from the IMU data. Please note: this board was fresh off the line, without calibration. There is a bit of drift and delay with the uncalibrated unit, but it is still a great representation of the applications of the 3D IMU data for wearable devices.
Plans are already underway to advance our designs using smaller, more precise, and more efficient wearable modules yet to be released. Stay tuned!


Click here to view the 3D Orientation Demo

CNC build

The CNC build has commenced!  We acquired a discarded piece of industrial equipment with beefy steppers and screws, a solid steel frame, and stepper controllers. This device was apparently controlled by a joystick, and moved an X and Y axis ( like some sort of heavy duty stuffed toy grabber machine). We will add a Z axis with an end mill and utilize the powerful stepper controllers through an arduino – based system for interpreting the g – code files. CNC Linux is another option, we just need to re-purpose an old pc with a true parallel port. Future plans include a modular/swappable Z- axis to switch from CNC to a 3D printing hot-end, and possibly laser engraving. Stay tuned for more!